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Black neighborhoods have fewer parks and gyms,” says Ray. “And if there are facilities, they cater to men. Gyms might have weights but few cardio machines, for example, or there are basketball courts, but not bike paths. And when women enter these male-dominated spaces, they are more likely to be sexualized, or gazed at. This is less likely to happen in predominately white facilities because they have women-only zones. Curves or boot camps are good examples.

Black Men Less Likely to Run in White Neighborhoods | Runner’s World & Running Times

Fascinating. Everything is connected.

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adventure time has:
- a canon nonbinary character
- a canon trans character
- canon lesbians would be there if Cartoon Network let them, but it’s still highly hinted
- talks about disabilities
- a really interesting backstory
- strong female characters
- an episode about a bunch of cats living in boxes

now why aren’t you watching it

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